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Most Valued Patient (MVP) Program

Proper dental health is a most vital, yet much neglected, component for quality living. That is why we at AIM Dental Marketing (ADM) have developed the MVP program, to not only help broaden your and your family’s dental health awareness, but to make available to you the highest quality in dental hygiene products and services.

By virtue of your employment by one of our Business Partners, the MVP program extends to you and your family exclusive benefits and privileges traditionally not available. It is our way of showing we not only value you as a dental patient, we also truly care about your quality of life!

Serving patients in the following areas:

General Dentistry
Regular Checkups
Periodontal Health
Holistic Dentistry
Oral Hygiene Preventive Care
Crowns & Bridges
Integrative Care
Cosmetic Dentistry
Root Canal Therapy
Partials & Dentures
Fearful Patients
Oral-Systemic Health
MVP usage instructions

Scheduling an Appointment:

  • Simply call the toll-free Patient Services number printed on your card.
  • A courteous Patient Services representative will greet you.
  • Patient Services representatives are available to serve you from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Identify yourself as an MVP and be prepared to offer Group Name and Number to your Patient Services representative. Some additional information will be collected at the time of your call.
  • Inform you Patient Services representative of the nature of your appointment (routine cleaning, whitening, orthodontics, etc.). In the event you will be unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please call Patient Services so that we may both reschedule and make that MVP time available for other MVPs.

Patient Information:

  • For your first appointment, please arrive on time. Our participating practices pride themselves on their respect for their patient’s time, so it is important for you arrive on time. You will be notified if the practice is running late.


  • For any questions, comments, suggestions or opinions, please contact us at Patient Services. You are our MVP and we intend to treat you as such.

After verifying your area for coverage
call toll free 1-888-NOW-SMILE
or click here to submit your request for information online.